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The church I am part of makes available a catalogue of around 300 teaching talks covering a myriad of different biblical subjects, plus a couple of books I have written and some video teachings. Below are the links that will take you to the appropriate pages of our church website: www-house-church.org

Teaching Audios


Video Teachings

4 thoughts on “Teaching Resources

    • Thanks for getting in touch. The only book I have ever read on that subject was written by some friends of mine in Arkansas. Let me know if you would like me to get a copy to you? Whereabouts are you? You can write me through our church website email address at talk2ccf@hotmail.com


  1. Hi, I first want to say I have enjoyed and been encouraged by some of your teachings.

    I also see church leadership as heavy handed and preempting the Holy Spirit’s job in many cases. Leadership is to teach the scripture, encourage and admonish the brethren with scripture as equals in the body of Christ, try to keep heresy out of the flock, and be an example to the saved and unsaved as best we can.

    I just have a question about being ‘Born Again’, do you have a teaching on this subject you can point me to if not here are some quick questions; Is being Born again a one time deal? If not how many times can you be born again?

    This hopefully will go lead into more fellowship , Thank you and may God continue to Bless you and your family and fellowship.



    • Thanks for your response. What you say about church leadership is so true. In answer to your question one can obviously only be born again once, just as one can only be born physically once. It is the beginning of new life, and therefore a one-off event. Below is a link that will take you to the relevant talk in our salvation series. I always advise people to listen to it all if they possibly can, but the talk about being born again can still be helpful just on it’s own. Take care and God bless.

      in Him,


      Regeneration – the New Birth! SA 7

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