Beresford here (17th September, 2014)

Dear All,

Thank you for your continued prayers. It continues to mean so much to us to know that so many people are petitioning the Lord on our behalf. All is well with us and I will be having the 9th of the 12 treatments today. Everything is going as well as can be expected and I am grateful beyond words that, thus far, although obviously made to feel really bad by the treatment, I have not experienced any of the medical complications that commonly arise. The Oncologist told us that I have been thus far very lucky, but of course we know there is a somewhat different explanation. However, such complications can, apparently, happen at any time during the treatment, so that is certainly something I am being specific about in my prayers; that I continue to be spared complications.

It has continued to be the case that each treatment has been harder than the first, and the extremely unpleasant way it makes me feel lasts for longer. It therefore makes it more and more difficult to just keep voluntarily presenting myself at the hospital for further doses, and today will be no exception. However, last time I went for treatment I really was feeling a bit on the low side regarding it, and I am determined in the Lord to be somewhat jollier about it today. Not that I’m planning to turn it into a party or anything like that, but if Paul the Apostle, who knew Jesus just like I do, could be singing to the Lord in jail with a still bleeding back from being whipped, then there is little excuse for me to not be smiling too. Being a coward doesn’t help much either, but then the Lord is helping me to overcome that too.

Belinda and Bethany are, of course, as gorgeous as ever, and are blossoming away as they usually do. I expected they would have put me on Ebay long ago, but am glad to say that they have thus far desisted. Mind you, it’s probably more to do with the fact that they are too honest to try and get away with selling damaged goods. I trust that you are all well and blossoming in the Lord too, and that you are enjoying the break from having me annoy you all in person. Don’t enjoy it too much though, because I’ll be back in action in the New Year as a brand new, latest edition, 2015 supercharged model with leather seats and, of course, a built-in people annoyer!

I’d better leave it there though cos I gotta go get poisoned! Oh goody! You know, if anyone ever tries to tell you that fluorouracil is a recreational drug do not, whatever you do, believe them! Go get yourself some nice rat poison instead, it will be much more fun. Will somebody please tell me that M & M’s kill cancer cells and do the job just as well!!!!

Take care and God bless.

in Him,