The chemotherapy is, hopefully, over! (4th November, 2014)

Dear Friends,

Thank you again for your continued prayers for us. I am now just about recovering from what is hopefully going to be the very last chemotherapy treatment and I am obviously greatly relieved. However, there are a couple of tests I have to undergo in the next two to three weeks, and it will only be when these confirm to the medics the cancer has indeed been completely removed, and hasn’t recurred, that I will be fully kicking my heels. So it’s baited breath until then. The medics assure me that the tests are only for the purpose of ticking boxes and are a mere technicality, but I will nevertheless not be able to relax entirely until they officially give me the all clear on the basis of those tests. Should there be any recurrence at all then it will be yet more chemotherapy, and that is a thought I can’t even begin to entertain.

I am also having the line in my chest removed tomorrow so that is good to know. I have not liked it being there one little bit. It is, apparently, a simple and very quick procedure, the medics describing it in terms of it all being down to a good firm yank. I am not looking forward to it very much (one just has to trust that the line comes out without bringing anything else with it – yuck!), but it will be nice once it’s done.

So I now have the task of regaining my strength and fitness, being currently as weak as a kitten and barely able to walk round to town and back without puffing and wheezing like an old man. But this is all the result of the chemotherapy drug and will be overcome bit by bit in the weeks to come. It has long been my practice to walk three and a half miles every morning as soon as I get up, and my goal is to be back to that as quickly as possible. It will take a while though and I will have to take things gradually, but I can’t wait to get my strength and overall fitness back, as well as losing the weight I have put on.

So I guess that’s it for the moment. I feel a bit disoriented for some reason (probably because I’m not sure if I am properly taking in that this whole terrible ordeal is very probably nearly over), but remain very much in the peace of the Lord. I will be very glad though to get these tests and results done with and to know officially that I am cancer free, as they keep assuring me I actually am.

Belinda and Bethany are, as ever, doing great, and of course I have to start working on ways to prolong the sympathy factor as much as possible. But from one or two things Bethany has said in the last few days though I think they might be on to me. So all I can do is to keep being as pathetic as I can be and just try to get across my continuing need of constant tender loving care and attention. I’ll let you know how it goes!

Take care and God bless.

in Him,



BJ’s CT Scan Results! (17th November, 2014)

Dear All,

I am greatly relieved, and extremely thankful, to be able to report that the test results, the last of which I got today, are negative. I am therefore, to all intents and purposes, cancer free. The medics will obviously continue to monitor me, with more tests due to happen in the summer, but this is obviously the outcome we were praying and hoping for. I can therefore start the process of getting back to normal and regaining my strength and fitness, which the medics say will take a good few weeks, if not months. I can therefore, come the New Year, resume both my ministry and the traveling that it entails. I have, as ever, teaching to do, churches to start and nurture, and people to upset. Having been laid aside for the best part of an entire year I am obviously champing at the bit to get back in the saddle. At long last, it’s game on!

Belinda, Bethany and I obviously want to thank you all for your prayers and support throughout this difficult time. It has, to put it mildly, been an ordeal, but we are so thankful that the Lord has brought us through it with such peace, lightness of spirit and rejoicing. I feel it to be a privilege to have had such an opportunity to prove in my own life what my Old Testament namesake once said in one of my all-time favorite scriptures, “Though He slay me, yet will I trust Him.” (Job 13v15)

Do be praying, however, that the Lord continues to enable Belinda and Bethany to realize what a poor old sausage I still am who is even yet still suffering from the aftermath of the ravages of chemotherapy. There is a great danger that they may well take this good news as the cue to back off waiting on me hand and foot and letting me get back to normal too quickly. This would, of course, be disastrous, and I obviously need tender loving care for a good while longer as yet!!! Please be praying for them!!!

So hey, it looks like BJ is back, and I do very much intend to be back with a vengeance. So thank you again! You have all kept us going and kept us looking to the Lord in the midst of some very great difficulties and trials, and we are truly and eternally grateful. Take care and God bless, and we look forward to seeing you all again before too long.

in Him,