My Encounter With Cancer

In March 2014 I was diagnosed with bowel cancer. Some fairly major surgery resulted in the successful removal of the tumour, and I then had to undergo six months of chemotherapy. I am fine now and continue to get the all clear from the medics, and am well and truly back in the saddle having resumed my work and travels.

Throughout this ordeal that Belinda, Bethany and I went through together, I sent out regular updates to folk in various parts of the world who had committed themselves to ongoing prayer for us. As well as reports on medical progress, these updates also contained numerous revelations, thoughts and musings concerning what the Lord was teaching me each step of the way. Those who received these updates and journal-type observations have told us what a blessing they were, and so we have decided to make them available to a wider audience.

We pray these writings are a blessing to those who read them, and especially to any who have cancer themselves, or who are helping a loved one to go through it.

Please click on the link:   An Encounter With Cancer


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