Let Me Introduce Myself


A very good day to you all and welcome to my Blog. I seem to come to most things a bit late in life (I didn’t marry until I was 28 and then didn’t become a father until I was old enough to be a granddad) and Blogging is no different. The term ‘bit of a dinosaur’ comes to mind when it comes to me and technology, but I have been at last weaned off just having a website (soooo last year, I’m told), though the website – http://www.house-church.org – is still up and running and will remain so for the foreseeable future. So hey…Elvis is in the building….and Beresford is Blogging! But whereas folk obviously know who Elvis is, I imagine that just about everyone and his dog has yet to hear of me. So who am I?

Well, my name is Beresford Job and the most important thing I can say about myself is that I love Jesus and do my absolute darnedest to follow Him. I don’t follow Him very well I have to say, but so doing is nonetheless my honest and solid intention. The next most important thing you need to know is that in 1984 I cradle-snatched a rather gorgeous young girl called Belinda having become engaged to her when she was just 18 and married her the following year. And I gotta tell you that 30+ years later she is even more gorgeous, whilst it’s starting to look like I’m getting seriously close to my sell-by date. Man, I am one lucky guy…or should that be ‘predestined?’ Anyway, the theology of romanticism aside, I sure got predestined/elected/soundly doctrinally superglued (or whatever) to the right wife.

There’s more though, because the next most important thing that happened to me is that this gorgeous wife eventually presented me with the most gorgeous little girl, whom we called Bethany, who is now a most gorgeous 17 years old, just a year younger than was her mother when I trussed her up and carted her off in preparation for getting hitched. And Bethany, also just like her mother, loves Jesus as well and is doing her darnedest to follow him too; and it’s clear to me even now that she’s going to make a considerably better job of it throughout her life than her poor old dad ever has. In other words, I am a very, very lucky/blessed/spiritually fortuitous man indeed!

I gotta tell you about when Belinda got pregnant though. It was, of course, great fun getting her that way, and although we had just about concluded that it looked like we were going to remain just a twosome the rest of our lives, the great surprise did eventually happen. After 43 years of treading the boards of this mortal coil, and 14 years of fun trying to become a threesome, we hit the jackpot. Belinda was going to be a mum and I, poor child now on the way, was going to be a dad.

And I really did try for those nine months to feel whatever a good husband and father to be is meant to feel about the idea of being a parent, but inside I was scared to death and just keeping my fingers crossed (I mean, trusting the Lord in prayer) that all was going to be well. Whereas I didn’t feel anything negative, the problem was that I didn’t actually feel anything at all. I was just desperately assuming that something somewhere along the line would happen to make me at least feel the way I should. And eventually it did; but typically for me, it happened at the very last minute. In fact, about two minutes after Bethany (though she was then unnamed) was born. And to cut a long story short, a nurse (so bemused and perplexed was I at the time for all I knew she could have been a Vulcan Starship Medic) handed me this little parcel of, well, of little baby girl, and as I was looking at her in a mix of utter helplessness and abject terror, she opened her eyes and looked at me. Now don’t ask me why, but whatever I was or wasn’t expecting, it wasn’t that. For whatever reason I never expected to get ‘looked at’ quite that soon. But as she did look at me, and as I gazed back at this utter marvel barely filling the palm of my hand, two things happened that forever changed my life as much as meeting the Lord Jesus did, and then as much as had marrying Belinda. Firstly, I fell hopelessly and inexorably head over heels in love with my daughter, all fear, trepidation and uncertainty melting away into sheer nothingness. And secondly, the Lord spoke to me in as powerful a way as I had ever previously heard Him. And what He said to me basically boiled down to this: that it was my responsibility, with Belinda, to raise this child to the point where one day she wouldn’t need us, but that we were to do so in such a way that she would always, always want us.

And that is what Belinda and I are still doing. One day (and I’m already in pieces at just the thought of it) the Lord will lead Bethany away from us, presumably when the right godly hunk comes along (though she insists, and I’m quoting, “That ain’t going to happen!”) and she starts a family of her own. (The primary complication seems to be that both Chris Hemsworth and Johnny Depp are already spoken for.) But in the meantime all she wants, as do Belinda and I, is for us to be together as a family whether when at home or away on our many travels. (Ah yes, I’ll come to that shortly!)

So hey; that, in a nutshell, is me! It’s what defines me and what makes me who I am. I love the Lord Jesus, Belinda and Bethany in a way that I don’t, and couldn’t, love anyone else. I do try to love others as best I can, of course, but not like I love them! I am both a sinner and a klutz, and I get things wrong far more than I manage to do the right and the good! I know that all too well! But I am man who is both loved and full of love and that, because of Jesus, gets me through. I know the Lord God Almighty as both Master and friend, and am saved by His grace, and I have loved a woman and fathered and raised a child. In other words, my life is as complete as complete gets, and if I died tomorrow – not, of course, that I am in any hurry – I will go to be with the Lord as fulfilled as a redeemed sinner can be.

But why a Blog?, I hear you ask, and quite right too! After all, why should anyone be interested in anything I might have to say. Well, they probably won’t be, but it’s not as if it’s going to cost me actual money or anything, merely a bit of my time, so why not at least give it a whirl? I have to listen to what I say, so why shouldn’t other people. (Sounds fair to me!) So here’s the deal! When  the Lord found me and I got saved, I knew that he had called me to dedicate my life to helping others grow in Him and teaching them what His Word means. It was all very unorthodox in that I soon found myself outside the traditional church system, but it’s nevertheless still what He called me to do. I am part of a house church here at home in England that started about 30 years ago (yes, I’m English, so you’ll just have to bear with me!), and which recognises me as being both an elder in the church and a travelling itinerant Bible teacher, with a calling from the Lord both to help folk become churches together, and then do my bit to look after them and to nurture them in Him.

So I do get around a bit and I do indeed have some bits and pieces to say here and there. Hence this completely new venture for me of starting a Blog. Some of what gets put on it will be stuff I’ve written and posted on our church website, and other places, over quite a few years, whilst other stuff will, so to speak, be hot off the press. Some of it might even be just for fun (are Christians allowed to do that?), so you’ll have to send in your complaints accordingly. My readers must obviously test whatever I say for themselves according to scripture, hang on to the meat and spit out the bones. I promise to do my best to only present what is helpful by way of encouragement in loving the Lord and others more, but of course I can’t guarantee to always get everything right…only that I will doubtless get some things wrong!

So hey, welcome to my world! If you think you’ve got a speck in your eye, man, you should see the Blog in mine!



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