A Little Bit More on Aliens!

Many moons ago now, when I was a young man and dinosaurs ruled the world, I (of course) went to the cinema to see the (then) groundbreaking first Alien movie. It was, to my mind, both a masterpiece and complete revelation. However, what spoiled it somewhat was the fact that it was slightly out of focus, a fact I complained about at some volume at one point during the showing. (Yes, I know! But I was young!) How ridiculous, I mused, that a projectionist can’t focus his projector properly. But hey, no-one’s perfect all the time!

A few years later, whilst I was still young man but recently and gloriously married to Belinda, I quickly discovered that I had a little helper in the car. She helped me with all kinds of things…how fast I was going….when traffic lights were changing….when someone was crossing the road in front of me etc etc. And one of the things I couldn’t help but notice was that she would see what road signs said a few seconds before I did. This, I concluded, could only be down to one thing, so off I went to an opticians……only to find…..yes, you’ve guessed……that I needed glasses for distance viewing.

In the days that followed after getting my first pair I couldn’t believe how sharp, colourful and crystal clear everything was, and just how much fine detail I had been missing all that time. And then I remembered…..going to see Alien…..and complaining that the film wasn’t properly in focus. We have a word here in England that describes anyone functioning on significantly less than a full brain-load of grey matter….pillock! And yes, I felt a right pillock! It wasn’t that the film was out of focus and that the projectionist wasn’t doing his job properly, it was that my eyes were deficient and that I wasn’t seeing the screen properly.

You probably know where this is going now, and indeed it is! I have learned to be very careful to not jump to conclusions when I perceive something to be wrong, and not to make quick judgements until I am happy I have all the angles covered. I still get things wrong at times, of course, but the principle stands! But the main point I want to make here though is this:

I have spent a lifetime teaching things from God’s Word which no-one has ever actually been able to refute from that Word! I have been disagreed with and disavowed by lots of people on many occasions, but the things I teach that so upset folk have never been countered and shown to be error actually from scripture itself. Somebody once well said that it wasn’t the bits of the Bible they didn’t understand that troubled them, but precisely the bits they did. There are bits in the Bible that are obviously there, but which just don’t suit a great many Christians.

The next time you knee-jerk react against something you hear someone maintain to be biblical because it offends you, make sure you first establish whether it is actually biblical or not. Then still don’t react, but rather respond! There is every chance that it is not that something unbiblical is being said, but merely that you just don’t happen to like it and want to justify and excuse yourself! Or to put it another way, it’s not that the projector isn’t in focus, but rather that we need glasses!


A Strange but Blessed Legacy!

Folk might not get this and just conclude I’m crazy after all  (you certainly wouldn’t be the first!), but here goes anyway:

I would rather be deemed to have failed in endeavouring to help believers to live biblically than to have succeeded in helping them to live un-biblically. I’d certainly have more friends had I done the latter – though they wouldn’t, of course, be ones worth having – and I would doubtless have had a much easier life. But hey, it’s all about the Lord Jesus and what He wants, and that means living biblically and helping others to do the same, and I am content in Him!

On Trump vs Clinton!

serveimageI have never done anything like this before but with the US Elections looming I feel burdened to encourage my brothers and sisters in the States to use their vote, as well as to clarify the situation over there for those who don’t live in America. My burden is simply that I believe it to be vital that they vote for Donald Trump, and I will endeavor to explain why.

Firstly, as an Englishman for whom America is very much a second home, I wish to say how much I love both the American nation and it’s people. Without the good ol’ US of A this world would be a very much darker and more evil place. It is indeed the last great bastion of freedom to which we can all look with hope, and it is only from this immensely respectful vantage point that I dare presume to speak at all.

In the last couple of hundred years something previously completely unheard of has become taken entirely for granted by the citizens of western nations, and it is that common folk have a say regarding who rules over them. For all its shortcomings the democratic process remains the best political system for preserving personal freedom and for holding back the evils of national tyranny; and the point I want to make is that, unlike here in Great Britain, the American people still have an option actually worth voting for.

However important economic theory and strategy may be for a nation, Christians should never vote merely from the vantage point of whichever government or administration they think is most likely to result in the greatest prosperity for themselves and their families. Though not completely unimportant, economic policy is nevertheless far from being the top priority for those who love righteousness, yet those of us here in the UK who do yearn for national godliness can now only vote for differing economic policies. It is simply too late for us regarding issues of morality and decency because there is no party that would make any difference at all to anything that particularly matters to us. Britain has reached the place of being completely without a Christian voice, our various political parties all being committed to the continued mass killing of unborn children as well as to the spread of gay marriage. Indeed, it was a Conservative Prime Minister (the UK equivalent of the Republican Party) that championed the latter, famously referring to those who disapproved as ‘dinosaurs.’ (Once the so-called ‘conservatives’ in a nation are actively pro-gay marriage then you know it’s pretty much the end of the road!)

It is, however, a completely different scenario across the Atlantic, and Christians there can still use their vote in such a way as to actually be able to prevent further evil coming upon their land, as well as even potentially undoing evil currently being endorsed. There remains a strong and vibrant Christian voice, and never has it been so important for it to be heard. And so I come to why I am urging my American brothers and sisters to vote for Donald Trump…and it is nothing whatsoever to do with him as an individual!

The reality of this election is that it is possibly the most important for generations, and for the simple reason that whoever becomes the next US President will, over the course of their tenure in the White House, appoint several judges to the Supreme Court. And depending on whether Trump or Clinton makes those appointments, America will either be reprieved from the increasing evil of the current secular liberal agenda of the Obama administration, or be thrown headlong into the most dreadful escalation of it. Simply put, States rights will diminish more and more under Clinton as the secular liberal federalists impose their agenda ever more widely, or be protected – re-instated, even – under Trump, thus enabling decent God-fearing folk to at least have a chance of stemming the tide of the intellectual fascism of the liberal agenda, protecting unborn children by slowing down the increasing rates of abortion, and even possibly undoing the immoral absurdity of the redefinition of marriage.

It is so important that Christians don’t view this election in terms of Donald Trump’s personal suitability for the job of being the President of the United States of America, but only in terms of those individuals he would appoint to the Supreme Court, in contrast to those who would be appointed by Hilary Clinton. If (quite understandably) personal distaste for Trump leads to god-fearing Christians not voting at all – or voting for Independents instead – Clinton could well be let in by merely by default. If nothing else, voting for Donald Trump will save the lives of millions of unborn children. So it’s not a question of voting for Trump on the basis of whether or not he is a personal champion of righteousness, he clearly isn’t, but simply because he will appoint Republican-thinking Judges who will decide the rule of law according to the original intent of the biblical foundation of the Constitution, as opposed to Democrat liberal-thinking ones who will do the exact opposite, and whose agenda is secularism and the ultimate destruction of Christian morality and decency.

I leave you with this simple thought: Donald Trump’s inappropriate and offensive references to women and sexual immorality, however unpleasant, won’t lead to an increase in the killing of unborn babies, but a Clinton administration will! Donald Trump’s bombastic disrespect for his opponents, however unpleasant, won’t further the destruction of family life and the public denigration of those who hold to lifelong heterosexual marriage, but a Clinton administration will! Donald Trump’s colorful and unwise language, however unpleasant, won’t lead to increased oppression against Christians and the Christian faith, but a Clinton administration will!

It’s not about Donald Trump or Hilary Clinton! It’s about the Supreme Court! It’s about Judges who will uphold decent conservative and Christian values as opposed to Judges who will rule against them! It’s about freedom of conscience versus the thought police of the secular liberal agenda! It’s about decency and righteousness as opposed to a landslide of evil and sin such as America has never seen before!

Hold your nose as you do so if you must, but whatever you do, vote for Donald Trump on Tuesday!


I actually promised someone that I would never do a film review on this blog; but hey, this is different…

I’m pretty sure that Belinda, Bethany and I were just about the only Christians to have stepped on US soil in the last few months who hadn’t seen the War Room. Well, we watched it last night and reckon we’ll stop crying some time next week. Man, what a ride! And yes, I know it was all a bit cotton candy, and that things don’t always work out as wonderfully as they did for the family depicted in the film, even though spouses have been equally seeking the Lord and praying. Sometimes there is reconciliation and sometimes there is pain. No guarantees on that level. But hey, it was inspirational and edifying beyond words, so praise the Lord for it!

Favourite lines:

Clara alone in her kitchen: “Satan, you sure got your butt kicked!”

Elizabeth to her repentant husband Tony: “I’d rather have a man whose chasing after Jesus than a nice house!”

I tell you, we all need a Clara in our lives. No! I’ll rephrase that! We all need to become like Clara!

If you haven’t seen War Room then make sure you do!!!!


A Belated Mother’s Day Thought!

MotherhoodMy American readers might be wondering how I could have let Mother’s Day go by yesterday without comment whilst posting an entry on it which had nothing to do with it. Well, that’s because in England we have already had Mother’s day a few weeks ago and therefore already ‘done’ it! (That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!) But I’m going to get the best of both world’s now and say some stuff anyway.

It’s a bit of a cliche, and even a bit on the glib side, to say that motherhood is the most important job in the world, but I wish to make clear that I for one actually believe it to be the case. Indeed, I have held for many years that the reason the Lord’s design is that the man who goes out to work is precisely so he is able to provide what his wife needs in order for her to be doing the really important work; that is, being the children’s constantly available mother! Not that I for one moment think the husband has only a minor role in raising his children, of course not, but it’s nevertheless the case that it is the mother, and not the father (and definitely not anyone else), whom the Lord calls to the task of being available for her children morning, noon and night.

Family life under attack…

The whole push behind modern western culture is a relentless, and carefully co-ordinated, Satanic attack against both Christianity and Christian values, and at the heart of this is the targeting of family life as it is taught in scripture. Hence the current obsession with the promotion of the homosexual life-style and the redefinition of marriage, plus the whole trans-gender agenda. The fact that this is taking place on the heels of two generations of the increasing laxness regarding normal heterosexual sexual morality reveals what the so-called sexual revolution was really about, the destruction of family life as instituted by the Lord. Though on the surface sexual immorality is primarily about unbridled personal pleasure, the underlying dynamic now is the evil one systematically dismantling God’s design and order for society in preparation for the last ditch stand he is going to take against the Lord before He returns.

…and especially Motherhood

In order to destroy the family Satan has to target both men and women, and the way he has targeted women is through the now monolithically present idea that for a woman to be at home and fully available for her children is beneath her. Wherever you go in the west women whose daily ongoing occupation is that of caring for their children and managing the family home face the unrelenting response, “Oh, so you don’t work then!” And this, along with the temptation of the extra money that can be earned, makes even Christian mothers want to have a career or, if they are faithful to God’s design and do stay at home, become frustrated at the creeping feeling of inadequacy Satan throws at them as they yearn for the children to grow up so they can get a job and become somehow fulfilled. It is a deception that strikes at the heart of a mothers very discipleship , and that causes her to become discontent, and to feel undervalued, and her gifts and talents underused for doing what is the single most important job in the world, being a mother!

Stay at home moms, what you are doing is more important and of greater significance than being the President of the United States, or the Prime Minister of Great Britain. Your time is being spent in something that is accomplishing more than all your husbands occupations combined. You have greater street-cred in your occupation in the Lords eyes than do all the kings, queens, famous film or pop stars around you put together. When you feel you are drowning in your motherhood then realise that it is only in the same way that Barack Obama or David Cameron sometimes feel overwhelmed by their work schedule and responsibilities. But when you feel that what you are doing is in some way less productive, and less respected and honoured than the career women who are not available for their children, and who have to give them away daily to the care of others, then know that the enemy is telling you a complete pack of lies in order to undermine your femininity and motherhood, thereby making you less effective at doing what is quite undeniably the most important job in the world.

Mothers of the world unite

Mothers of the world do right

Mothers of the world, stand strong

You’re the best, the world is wrong!!!!!