On Trump vs Clinton!

serveimageI have never done anything like this before but with the US Elections looming I feel burdened to encourage my brothers and sisters in the States to use their vote, as well as to clarify the situation over there for those who don’t live in America. My burden is simply that I believe it to be vital that they vote for Donald Trump, and I will endeavor to explain why.

Firstly, as an Englishman for whom America is very much a second home, I wish to say how much I love both the American nation and it’s people. Without the good ol’ US of A this world would be a very much darker and more evil place. It is indeed the last great bastion of freedom to which we can all look with hope, and it is only from this immensely respectful vantage point that I dare presume to speak at all.

In the last couple of hundred years something previously completely unheard of has become taken entirely for granted by the citizens of western nations, and it is that common folk have a say regarding who rules over them. For all its shortcomings the democratic process remains the best political system for preserving personal freedom and for holding back the evils of national tyranny; and the point I want to make is that, unlike here in Great Britain, the American people still have an option actually worth voting for.

However important economic theory and strategy may be for a nation, Christians should never vote merely from the vantage point of whichever government or administration they think is most likely to result in the greatest prosperity for themselves and their families. Though not completely unimportant, economic policy is nevertheless far from being the top priority for those who love righteousness, yet those of us here in the UK who do yearn for national godliness can now only vote for differing economic policies. It is simply too late for us regarding issues of morality and decency because there is no party that would make any difference at all to anything that particularly matters to us. Britain has reached the place of being completely without a Christian voice, our various political parties all being committed to the continued mass killing of unborn children as well as to the spread of gay marriage. Indeed, it was a Conservative Prime Minister (the UK equivalent of the Republican Party) that championed the latter, famously referring to those who disapproved as ‘dinosaurs.’ (Once the so-called ‘conservatives’ in a nation are actively pro-gay marriage then you know it’s pretty much the end of the road!)

It is, however, a completely different scenario across the Atlantic, and Christians there can still use their vote in such a way as to actually be able to prevent further evil coming upon their land, as well as even potentially undoing evil currently being endorsed. There remains a strong and vibrant Christian voice, and never has it been so important for it to be heard. And so I come to why I am urging my American brothers and sisters to vote for Donald Trump…and it is nothing whatsoever to do with him as an individual!

The reality of this election is that it is possibly the most important for generations, and for the simple reason that whoever becomes the next US President will, over the course of their tenure in the White House, appoint several judges to the Supreme Court. And depending on whether Trump or Clinton makes those appointments, America will either be reprieved from the increasing evil of the current secular liberal agenda of the Obama administration, or be thrown headlong into the most dreadful escalation of it. Simply put, States rights will diminish more and more under Clinton as the secular liberal federalists impose their agenda ever more widely, or be protected – re-instated, even – under Trump, thus enabling decent God-fearing folk to at least have a chance of stemming the tide of the intellectual fascism of the liberal agenda, protecting unborn children by slowing down the increasing rates of abortion, and even possibly undoing the immoral absurdity of the redefinition of marriage.

It is so important that Christians don’t view this election in terms of Donald Trump’s personal suitability for the job of being the President of the United States of America, but only in terms of those individuals he would appoint to the Supreme Court, in contrast to those who would be appointed by Hilary Clinton. If (quite understandably) personal distaste for Trump leads to god-fearing Christians not voting at all – or voting for Independents instead – Clinton could well be let in by merely by default. If nothing else, voting for Donald Trump will save the lives of millions of unborn children. So it’s not a question of voting for Trump on the basis of whether or not he is a personal champion of righteousness, he clearly isn’t, but simply because he will appoint Republican-thinking Judges who will decide the rule of law according to the original intent of the biblical foundation of the Constitution, as opposed to Democrat liberal-thinking ones who will do the exact opposite, and whose agenda is secularism and the ultimate destruction of Christian morality and decency.

I leave you with this simple thought: Donald Trump’s inappropriate and offensive references to women and sexual immorality, however unpleasant, won’t lead to an increase in the killing of unborn babies, but a Clinton administration will! Donald Trump’s bombastic disrespect for his opponents, however unpleasant, won’t further the destruction of family life and the public denigration of those who hold to lifelong heterosexual marriage, but a Clinton administration will! Donald Trump’s colorful and unwise language, however unpleasant, won’t lead to increased oppression against Christians and the Christian faith, but a Clinton administration will!

It’s not about Donald Trump or Hilary Clinton! It’s about the Supreme Court! It’s about Judges who will uphold decent conservative and Christian values as opposed to Judges who will rule against them! It’s about freedom of conscience versus the thought police of the secular liberal agenda! It’s about decency and righteousness as opposed to a landslide of evil and sin such as America has never seen before!

Hold your nose as you do so if you must, but whatever you do, vote for Donald Trump on Tuesday!