Now there’s a thought…!!!

As both an elder and a Bible teacher I would rather deal with, and be the victim of, the abuse of the freedom biblical church life grants the Lord’s people, than the perpetrator of spiritual retardation and damage amongst them through the exertion of a completely unbiblical hierarchical authority and control.

That the entire edifice of the church life of the vast majority of Bible-believing Christians should be built on a system of leadership and hierarchy that is itself entirely unbiblical beggars belief!

As for me and my house, we will go by scripture!


2 thoughts on “Now there’s a thought…!!!

  1. I pray I will always go purely “by Scripture.” After I read Biblical Church, I came upon Matthew 15:1-9 in my reading.
    My husband and I have been home churching for 15 years. We raised our children pretty much in the home church, after attending many various traditional churches. The reason we chose to home church is because a friend of ours, a blind amputee on dialysis, needed a place to lay down during church. So, we came home to church for him. I pray that I never make void for tradition the Word of God.
    My adult daughter recently asked me why we thought we were “allowed” to home church in the first place. She and her husband had been talking about where to do church. I told her the early church “home churched” in Scripture.
    I have one question. What translation of the Bible do you use? How do I know whether the translations are correctly interpreted?


    • Thank you for your comments. Regarding translations I think most are pretty good as long as you don’t include some of the more recent ones which are ‘gender neutral’ to varying degrees. They’re pretty good otherwise though. Overall safest is probably the New King James Version. However, it is fairly easy to get back to the original languages through various books and software and in my own teaching I always refer back to the Greek or Hebrew. This is especially important when it comes to the New Testament. In my book “Biblical Church” I demonstrate how inaccurate translation in pretty much all versions can be misleading regarding certain aspects of church life, and in particular, the nature and function of church leadership. Hope that helps! Take care and God bless.


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