In Praise of the X Files!

Over the last couple of years I have, thanks to Amazon Prime video, re-watched the entire X Files. To say I have greatly enjoyed sharing in Mulder and Scully’s ongoing paranormal adventures would be somewhat of an understatement, and I can only thank the Lord for granting even unsaved writers such amazing creativity. Bringing together the genre of global conspiracy with a virtually invisible alien invasion floats my boat no end, and I am truly grateful to it’s creator, Chris Carter, for giving such full reign to the imagination God has given him, even though it appears that he remains entirely ignorant of where it came from.

And of course the point I wish to make is that such conspiracy theories are entertaining precisely because they are not actually true. As C S Lewis once observed, the notion that there are fairies at the bottom of the garden is only fun in so far that you don’t actually believe them to be real. And so with the X Files, and every conspiracy theory that has ever entertained those of us with a fictional penchant for such. Whether it be hobgoblins, vampires,  the existence of the Illuminati, the notion that the CIA masterminded 9/11 or that the Earth is flat and the moon landings were faked, gullible people will always be taken in by the self-deceived promulgators of fantasy-mistaken-for-fact-type thinking. Failing to distinguish between fact and fiction they are taken in by nonsense and irrationality devoid of common sense, pertinent facts and reality. Not only is it sad beyond words, it brings good fiction, and especially good science fiction, into undeserved disrepute!

But of course the reason that I am such a complete and utter skeptic when it comes to conspiracy theories is because scripture not only reveals their basis to be complete nonsense, but shows us how they actually pail into insignificance when compared to the ongoing conspiracy that actually is for real, and which is truly cosmic in every sense of the word. The idea that any conspiracy could take place on a global, or even just a national level, is just too far-fetched to pass the test of even basic logic. Human beings are notoriously bad at keeping secrets, and for all kinds of reasons too. The idea, for instance, that covert forces in the US orchestrated 9/11 so as to make it look like Islamic extremists were responsible is just too ridiculous to contemplate. That everyone amongst the hundreds of individuals required to pull such a thing off could be relied upon to not break ranks in any circumstances, be it through guilt or simply selling the story for financial gain, is just too ludicrous to contemplate. No! You may rest assured that such things as the 9/11 theory, werewolves, the Illuminati and alien conspiracies remain purely in the realm of fiction.

What people do need to get their heads around, however – though they probably never will – is that the truth of the matter is that there is a conspiracy in full swing that is not merely global but actually cosmic in its scope. Indeed, a conspiracy of both divine and angelic origin that even the Chris Carters of this world wouldn’t even begin to be willing to accept as being the case. Scripture makes perfectly clear that men and women who have not repented of their sin and turned to Jesus for eternal life are fully at one with the desires and intent of Satan and his legions, and are therefore, though completely unbeknownst to them, easily manipulable pawns in his cosmic scheming and machinations. Conspiracies of sorts are a reality, though not global ones engineered by human beings or some shadowy organisation headed up by some sinister mastermind.

That the Lord will win out in this cosmic battle with humanity as the unwitting pawns isn’t in question, but in the meantime men and women nevertheless remain subject to a conspiracy and control they will never be willing to admit to. Humanity is indeed in subjugation to the demonic principalities and powers in the heavenly places! The end of the conspiracy will be a one world government based on the ultimate rejection of the Lordship of Jesus and the acceptance of a political power both originated and upheld by Satan himself; but one that will be crushed out of existence when Jesus returns to this planet in order to rule it Himself. This order of events will be followed by the creation of a completely new universe in which believers will live with the Lord and those angelic forces who have sided with Him.

Wow! How’s that for an X File, then?

4 thoughts on “In Praise of the X Files!

  1. While I appreciate your overall point, it strikes me that if you were to have written this piece in Germany in 1940, you would have had to include in your list of ‘conspiracy theories’ all the nasty rumors about Adolf Hitler and an extermination plot aimed at millions of people = and why not?

    For some the 9/11 conspiracies are for fun or profit. Many are gullible or willing to be lead askew. But the fact remains that while we probably don’t know what happened, we do know that the .’official story’ is more incredible than most of the wild conspiracies. Why should people (like me) who tend to never believe fantastic stories, feel compelled to believe a fantastic implausibility just because CNN broadcasters hold it out as true?


    • Good to hear from you. As I make clear in my response to another comment I have just replied to, I wasn’t trying to deny all conspiracies, even big ones (such as the Nazi evil you allude to), just the increasingly popular global ones that would require organisation beyond belief, plus large numbers of adherents who could be utterly guaranteed to never change their minds or blow the whistle, for whatever reason, whether noble or selfish. So apologies for not being a bit clearer. My aim was far more to highlight the actual cosmic demonic conspiracy going on than merely to debunk other conspiracies that are theorised to exist.


  2. Hello Beresford, I think you are only half right here. Have a look at the website “The Mind Renewed” run by a Christian. Not only is 9/11 not what you think neither is 7/7. It does go against the grain to realise this. If you follow through on your latter point you will realise the world is more corrupt than you may realise. Conspiracy theories need careful handling and they are very alluring, but have a look at the factual evidence and reconsider.
    I don’t know what the end time delusion is nor the cause of the Apostasia, but it has to be more than Gnosticism.
    However, I enjoy your posts.


    • Thanks for your comments. Yes, I probably wasn’t as clear as I intended to be. I did state that there are genuine and actual conspiracies, just not the global ones with the shadowy elite (Illuminati-type stuff) manipulating human affairs through the centuries. Take care and God bless.


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