Our very own Independence Day!

I am, of course, delighted to have woken up to the news that Great Britain has voted to leave the European Union. Indeed, it is difficult to see how any Christian, or at least any Christian who has a biblical understanding of things, could be regretful. Our politicians were clear in their stated desire to remain in the Union, and it is a good thing in any democracy for the ruling powers to get a periodic trouncing. I further hope that later in the year America will vote for Donald Trump and not Hilary Clinton, and that a double whammy will occur in the two nations in which my family and I spend our time; that is, of blows being struck against the liberal political elite. Their agenda, fuelled by a hatred of the teaching of the Bible, is ultimately to undermine and destroy godliness in every form, and anything that frustrates their efforts, be it political or otherwise, can only be a good thing. In the West, ordinary people, disenfranchised by a political class dominated by a secular liberalism of almost fascistic proportions in its desire to control what people think, are making their dissatisfaction clear – and I, for one, am delighted to be a part of them so doing.

But none of this is what particularly matters for us as the Lord’s people. It’s a gratifyingly tasty bit of icing on the cake, to be sure, but it is not the cake itself. The cake is rather this: the world, of which the UK, Europe and the USA are but a part, is under the ultimate control of its invisible god, the devil. The Lord is sovereign, of course, but in His sovereignty has nevertheless consigned the unbelieving world to satanic rule, given that the hearts of sinful men and women are in unison with him and not the Lord. As believers though, we are rather citizens of Heaven, forming a Union more powerful than any earthly political entity. Indeed, a Union far greater than all the kingdoms of this world throughout history put together. And although this Union’s Constitution, the Bible, tasks us with the responsibility of being good, loyal, law abiding citizens of our respective earthly nations, our ultimate loyalty is always to the ruler of both Heaven and Earth, the Lord Jesus.

So let us remind ourselves, as Christians, that it is not politics that matter, nor, actually, anything to do with this world at all, but rather our trust in, and obedience to, the Lord. Whatever duties and responsibilities He has given us by way of living out our lives in this world, our citizenship and destiny lie entirely elsewhere. Whether the events to which I have alluded constitute a pause in Satan’s progress, or some kind of temporary move towards a resurgence in Western godliness, it still doesn’t change the fact that things will continue to get ultimately worse and worse.  The result will be a demonically inspired one world government which will lead directly to the Lord returning in judgement in order to rule the world in Person for a while, until He then destroys it completely and starts over  with a new one.

Today is a good day – and I find it amusingly appropriate that we in Great Britain now have our very own Independence Day – but it is a good day not because the UK has voted to leave the EU, but because Jesus is Lord, and because He is progressing steadily, and without either error or setback, towards His eventual predestined consummation of human history. It is always best to be found on the winning side, and there is obviously no greater winner than Almighty God.

12 thoughts on “Our very own Independence Day!

  1. Beresford, I really appreciate your comments today. I also rejoiced (although quietly) when I heard the results, that a majority of your citizens choose to no longer be a part of the European Union. I would desire that the choices here in America were so black and white. To have to choose between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton is an impossible choice, and pretty much all black. There is no box for “neither.” No matter which one will reside in the White House, I believe that as a nation, we are certainly in deep, deep trouble. That being said, we read in Daniel that God sets up kings and pulls down kings, and I believe that whomever God desires to occupy the White House will be the occupant. I really do not “belong” to the kingdom of this world, but rather, as you say, to the Kingdom of God. So no matter which of these two undesirables are elected to the office of President, I know that a Sovereign God is not surprised, is not disappointed, is the One Who is the true “Ruler.” Aren’t we thankful that we have the assurance of this?


    • Thanks for your encouraging words. Although both the UK and US have a long, long way to go before they are as bad and morally corrupt as the Roman Empire in which the early church positively thrived in the Lord, it doesn’t change the fact that, unlike them, we are seeing the eroding away and complete rejection of a culture that at least gave tacit approval to biblical morality and approval – and that is obviously a grievous thing to us! (At least the early Christians had never known such a thing, and so didn’t miss it!) On the other hand though, the more morally depraved and openly sinful our societies become, the more the grace of God is made available to those who seek to be His light and love in the midst of them. Difficult, yes! But if the result of the continuing moral decline of Western society results in a remnant of truly godly and sold-out believers, as opposed the compromised and spiritually bankrupt excuse for what generally passes as western Christianity, then what a wonderful blessing that would be.


  2. Amen Beresford.  In America, Christians must remember that we are not selecting an elder or pastor in our presidential elections, but an executive governmental leader.  Instead of bemoaning the miserable political choices available to us, we should simply trust the sovereignty of God and do whatever we can (including voting) to ensure that we live as free as we can as long as we can to serve the Lord in accordance with our understanding of Scripture before that great and glorious day when every knee bows and every tongue confesses that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father. Your brother,Michael Beck

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    • Wise words indeed! Whilst we have a democratic vote we can use it in whatever way best serves the Lord’s purpose, but it is He, the Sovereign Lord, and not the political process, Who is the only hope for this sad, rebellious and godless world. Thank you so much for your input.


      • Dear Beresford,

        While I do agree with a lot you have written here about what should matter to us as Christians and I believe that I do have some biblical knowledge as God has thought it fit for me to have, but I don’t think this is a happy, sunny day for any one of us. In fact there hasn’t been a happy, sunny day in this sense for a long time in Europe or the US; we can best be described as countries in turmoil. While I agree that we are citizens of heaven, yet I personally feel that every thing I say and do does matter as I am supposed to reflect the Lord through it all. I do not understand how one can possibly support or even show support either for Mr Donald Trump or Hilary Clinton, it is like choosing a lesser wrong after having heard and seen their individual performances and done some extensive reading on these two. I pray and hope that God would use the Brexit, Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton in a manner in which the citizens of these countries will not suffer any negative consequences. I know my wish sounds fairytale like and I do know that the Bible predicts things getting worse and worse, but my heart is for God to forgive and bring peace even in this turmoil. I know God will judge but my heart is for Him to forgive us all and all the time and gently guide us as individuals, families and nations back to Him. Therefore I don’t support either Mr Donald Trump nor Hilary Clinton as a Christian. I only pray that God would swing the results the way He wants and He will. I won’t understand and I don’t understand but I will trust that He is in charge. So I can’t see the sun shining right now :)) much love and blessings! Jennifer


      • Thanks for your input. Anything to do with politics will always be a choice between evils, but when a decision seems to include so many plusses (regaining the right to rule ourselves as a country and to hold elected officials to account, control of our borders etc) with so few, if any, negatives, then I think there can be genuine cause for rejoicing. I don’t personally see that there are any great negatives in leaving the EU, or that anyone is going to suffer unduly as a result. Even regarding the economy and jobs, there is absolutely no guarantee that remaining in Europe, as opposed to leaving, wouldn’t end up being the greatest economic calamity of all. There are countries suffering economically precisely because they are part of the European Union.

        Regarding Trump the point for me is that he is, firstly, the choice of countless Americans who are utterly disillusioned by the political class who have completely disenfranchised them, just as our political elite have done to us here in the UK. He is speaking for the people in a way that no-on else is. Secondly, because he is standing for the Republican Party, then at least any vote for him helps prevent, for instance, US tax dollars being used to finance the evil of abortion. Though I am not a US citizen, and therefore have no vote there, if I were then that alone would clinch it for me. In a choice between Trump or Clinton for President I wouldn’t even have to think about it.

        I am ultimately just relieved that the Lord will have his way though, whether Trump or Clinton. But my personal preference would most certainly be Trump.

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