I actually promised someone that I would never do a film review on this blog; but hey, this is different…

I’m pretty sure that Belinda, Bethany and I were just about the only Christians to have stepped on US soil in the last few months who hadn’t seen the War Room. Well, we watched it last night and reckon we’ll stop crying some time next week. Man, what a ride! And yes, I know it was all a bit cotton candy, and that things don’t always work out as wonderfully as they did for the family depicted in the film, even though spouses have been equally seeking the Lord and praying. Sometimes there is reconciliation and sometimes there is pain. No guarantees on that level. But hey, it was inspirational and edifying beyond words, so praise the Lord for it!

Favourite lines:

Clara alone in her kitchen: “Satan, you sure got your butt kicked!”

Elizabeth to her repentant husband Tony: “I’d rather have a man whose chasing after Jesus than a nice house!”

I tell you, we all need a Clara in our lives. No! I’ll rephrase that! We all need to become like Clara!

If you haven’t seen War Room then make sure you do!!!!


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