That can’t be Kansas…surely!!!


Bethany took this photograph as we flew over Kansas en route from Atlanta to Seattle, and it really is quite a sight. Because we at times both drive through it and fly over it, depending on where we are headed, I gotta tell you…it sure don’t look like that from the ground! It’s simply the fact that the higher you are raised up the different everything looks and the more surprising the view. (I wonder if you can see where I’m going with this!)

As believers we are raised up with Jesus in heavenly places, and it really doesn’t get any higher up than that. And I gotta tell you too…no matter how bad things look from where you’re at on the ground, they look a whole better, and hopeful, and make a whole lot more sense when looking down from Heaven, where the view takes in the whole story of what the Lord is doing, rather than just our totally limited ground-level view.

“In everything God works together for good for them that love Him and are called according to His purposes.” (Romans 8:28) In exactly the same way that you can’t see those Kansas circles when you’re on the ground, neither can you see the eternal good the Lord is working in your life as His child through the circumstances that, from our earthly perspective, seem to suggest that everything is going wrong. Trusting the Lord doesn’t mean you have to necessarily understand what He is doing, any more than standing in Kansas means you should know about those circles which are so ‘invisible’ from ground level; but the circles are still there, and the farmers still know all about them. Indeed, they put them there is the first place! All you need to know is that the Lord knows what He is doing; and in knowing merely that, without needing to know anything more, you will find great peace, rest and assurance.

That can’t be Kansas…surely!!! Ah, but it is!!! This mess life seems to be in can’t be the Lord working out His will in me…surely!!! Ah, but it is!!!


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